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Address:  90, Qasim Nagar, Gurah Bakshi Nagar Jammu

Chairman & Managing Director
Sh. P. K. Tukra
Sh. Prayas Tukra
+91-9086004321, 9086118968
Latest Projects

New projects include many construction endeavours which are one of the leading sites in the state of Jammu and Kashmir as far as expertise, technology and manpower coordination is concerned. Running completely ahead of schedule, we have set new benchmarks of excellence in the state with the projects.


With beginnings in construction mainly for government agencies, our services now include a diverse range from civil construction to end consumer equipments. In addition to allied construction aids and products, we also offer expert consultancy services to desirous clients to enable them make wise decisions.


Our client list includes various government and non governmental agencies in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. With a diverse range of clients in our portfolio, we pack in enough experience in our team to handle a variety of explicit projects and consultancies. For the best output, we deliver the services as per schedule and on time.